How To Negotiate Orgasms

How To Negotiate Orgasms

Okay, hear me out.

Female orgasms are something we chase. They aren’t always easy.

It’s also not always easy to talk to your partner whilst you’re both naked. But, without talking your partner will never know how to fully please you.

The way around this obstacle is what we like to call gentle guidance.

You can ask them to move to the left slightly or add a bit more pressure.

Do We Need A Vibrator?

Another way to help with gentle guidance is to introduce a vibrator!

By introducing a vibrator, you can reach climax easier without the hassle of sitting down and explaining to your partner what they’re doing or not doing. A vibrator can be a fun way of adding a new element to your sex life!

This bullet vibrator from Bondara is perfect for adding a new and discreet element to your orgasms!

But wait, there’s more!

The Female Orgasm Kit

Bondara have an entire female orgasm kit! A whole box of goodies dedicated to getting you off!

Here’s what’s included:-

Orgasm Pocket Book: Packed with visualisation tips, breathing techniques and the best positions to try (with or without a partner!), this travel-sized book means mind-blowing orgasms are right at your fingertips.

Bondara Essentials Orgasm Cream: Intensify every touch, lick and kiss with this orgasm cream. Apply a little cream to your clitoris and enjoy the gently warming, tingling sensation which leaves you more sensitive for heightened pleasure.

Super Orgasm Love Balls: Get your hands on our hugely popular Love Balls! For discreet stimulation on the move and your sexiest workout ever, insert these smooth, silver balls and gradually tone your pelvic floor – all while creating a gentle arousal.

Jessica Rabbit Vibrator: Our best-selling sex toy, the Jessica Rabbit is a jelly vibrator with a bulbous shaft for incredible, internal stimulation while the vibrating rabbit ears tickle and tease your clit. With multi-speed controls, start slow and ramp up the intensity for amazing pleasure time and time again.

This whole kit is worth over £38 in total! What a bargain for the best orgasm of your life!

You need to be vocal in order to get what you want in life. Why should that stop in your sex life?


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