Difference Between Waxing and Threading


Waxing and threading are the most common hair removal methods that are not exactly pain-free. So, what makes them different from one another?

Is threading better than waxing, or is it the opposite?

Waxing has been the go-to for hair removal for years, but threading has been growing in popularity. The lesser known Indian method of hair removal has it’s own benefits over waxing but how do they differ?

1. Cleaner Outcome
Waxing removes the hair even beneath the surface, while threading breaks the hair at the surface.
Due to this difference, you will see a smoother and cleaner outcome after getting yourself waxed.
Not only this, your skin will feel exposed an moisturized after getting it waxed.

2. Natural Shape
Threading gives you a more natural shape than waxing. You can achieve that perfect eyebrow arch and levelling of baby hair through threading. Depending on what you’re after this can be both a positive and negative.

3. Duration of Effectiveness
The results from threading and waxing are dependant on the individual and their hair growth cycle, but typically you’ll find waxing lasts longer. Threading can be beneficial for around 2-4 weeks on average, with waxing showing benefits for 3-6 weeks.

4. Pain Tolerance
Both waxing and threading cause pain, and how much that is can very much depend on the stylist.

Waxing pulls at the skin when the hair is removed and this can irritate the skin – sometimes causing pink and redness. If the damage is serious enough then you can be in pain too. Waxes can also contain preservatives, artificial fragrances etc.. which can be an irritant to skin. Threading on the other hand is completely natural and does not use any chemicals.

Generally speaking, threading is a slower process than waxing so can be more uncomfortable. It’s more meticulous as individual hairs are removed at a time.

The hot wax can however create a numbing sensation, while threading makes you feel like something is happening on your skin.

This is quite likely why waxing is typically the more well-known and much-loved hair removal method, and rightly so.

5. Time Constraints
Waxing is generally quicker than threading, so if you’re pushed for time then.

6. Skin Type
People who have sensitive skin should avoid waxing as it’s known for burning up the skin. They should instead opt for threading as the hair removal method removes hair on the surface level.

Those who have acne pro and sensitive skin usually have bumps that will pop out at the slightest touch.
Waxing sensitive skin is also known to be more painful than threading.

Which you choose really comes down to personal preference. If the side-effects of waxing are a problem for you then you may want to try threading instead.

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