How To Get Biotiful Skin With Edobio


Natural Ingredients Derived Through Ancient Japanese Methods x The Power of Lactic Acid Bacteria to Awaken “Flawless Skin” that Glows from the Inside.
EDOBIO is a plant-based skincare brand born in Japan.

The products are formulated using simple, yet classical Japanese beauty processes.

Fortified with modern-day biotechnology, the EDOBIO name is a combination of the words “Edo” and “Bio”, referring to the brand’s ancient Japanese roots.

Edobio is a quintessentially Japanese skincare brand that takes classic japanese beauty techniques and combines them with powerful modern day biotechnology.

Their Ukiyoe Soap uses all natural ingredients and ZERO useless additives to give you a flawless finish. Even suitable for sensitive skin!

This soap creates a marshmallow like texture that bubbles across your face like a silky cloud. By using the marshmallow fluff you aren’t cross contaminating your face with harmful bacteria that live on your hands. Leave this silky cloud on your face for 30 seconds to a minute and then rinse to see the results.

When you combine the Ukiyoe Soap with their highly reviewed Ukiyoe Beauty Serum – you create a match made in absolute Japanese skincare heaven.

This Ukiyoe Beauty Serum has fermented rice bran extract as the main ingredient. Rice and Rice water, have been traditionally used in Japan to cleanse and brighten skin, and fermenting rice makes these prop- erties more bioavailable.

● Reduce Dark Spots

● Brighten Skin

● Improving Skin Complexion

Japanese skincare brands pop up from time to time and often do the same thing. But, Edobio are different. They are a fresh face among the beauty scene – but their natural skincare speaks for itself. The reviews on the site are so powerful – you barely need to look at their photos.

A truly wonderful skincare brand – harnessing nature and pure natural Japanese ingredients.

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