Is Asking For Money For a Wedding Gift Clever or Tacky?

Expensive Wedding Season

So I’ve reached the age where weddings seem to pop up in every month of the year (and yes I repeat outfits for them!)

There seems to be a running theme for most of the wedding invites. A cute little poem about how they’ve already got everything they need to cold hard cash would be mucho appreciated.

I get it. Weddings are expensive. But should I be expected to foot the bill for that?

Is asking for money for a wedding gift clever or tacky?

For some young newlyweds, it’s way easier to accept cash than it is to return all the gifts of items you already own. But for others, the move is tacky.

A lot of brides feel like cash as a gift is a bit of an after-thought. Almost like you couldn’t be bothered with finding the perfect wedding gift. But in this day and age – where not many of us have a lot of spare time – is it just a clever cop out?

To Gift Or To Cash? That Is The Question

In my opinion, it’s not tacky at all. A gift should always be appreciated and never be expected. By asking for cash, it can make the whole experience awkward for the gift giver. They may not be in a financial position to gift at all and by asking for cash towards a honeymoon or the wedding itself, for example, they may feel obliged to contribute something that they don’t have readily available.

How much is TOO much?

With money, I’m always unsure on how much is an acceptable amount to be considered a gift. Is £10 too little? Is £100 too much? I’m never sure.

I’ve been to weddings that only accepted money – no gifts were needed nor wanted. When chatting to friends about how much they gifted, the answers varied greatly. There was no middle ground, nor was there any one figure the same. Some people could afford to gift more than others. And the ones who simply couldn’t afford it felt guilty for not being able to gift more.

So I leave you with this, it may not be a tacky more to ask for money for your wedding gift, but it may actually be harder for your guests than if you were to get a gift registry together.


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