My Boyfriend Doesn’t Love Me Anymore – What Do I Do?


Honey, I feel you.

This hurts like no other pain. You lose your drive for everything. You feel an emptiness like never before.

Let me start this by saying, it will get better.

One day, you’re going to wake up feeling better.

The fact of the matter is, you can’t make someone love you. You have to accept they have their own feelings and sometimes those feelings change.

What you can change, however, is how you accept those changes.

You don’t need to change yourself due to the breakdown of a relationship. You need to work on how you accept these changes and respect that, even though you may not like it, this is happening and we need to work on moving forward.

I write this whilst sat in my living room, in my dressing gown. There’s a hot cup of coffee next to me and a Toffee Crisp on the other side (I’m not perfect!). My partner is upstairs sound asleep in our bedroom. I am happy. I have found a love I can’t even begin to explain to you, it feels like home.

This is important information so bear with me.

In 2017, I experienced a break up so raw, I completely stopped eating.

I’m not saying the love was amazing, nor was the relationship. But it happened so quickly and without warning. He said he didn’t know if he ever loved me.

For someone who craves love, that hit me harder than anything.

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