Vibrators – What Am I Looking For?

Vibrators – What Am I Looking For?!


So let me guess, you’ve opened a private browser and searched for vibrators and got MEGA overwhelm at the amount on the market?

Fear not, the vibrator fairy godmother is here!

Here’s a comprehensive list of what you need, why you need it and how to use it!

Love Honey Love Missile 3 Speed Bullet Vibrator – this little bad boy packs one HELL of a orgasmic punch for a £9.99 bullet vibe. Super discreet (it’s only 2 inches!) but be prepared for an OH MY GOD moment!

First Time Power Swirl Classic 6 Inch Vibrator – the swirls on this vibrator give WAVY sensations when inserted. With a choice of vibration settings this is a great way to start with insertion vibrators!

Love Honey Realistic 4 Inch Dildo Vibrator – this is a perfect start to vibrating dildos. With 7 modes of vibration there’s a setting for everyone! Get ready for the ride of a lifetime with this realistic vibrating dildo.

Now with every responsible toy owner, there needs to be a good sex toy cleaner. They MUST be cleaned after every use – and we’re not talking a dishwasher rinse!

This sex toy cleaner from Love Honey is one of my favourites. There’s no strong fragrance, its vegan and cruelty free and this bottle is travel friendly!

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