What Is Water Based Lube Best Used For?

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Water-based lube is your safest bet to start with. Not only does it make sex messier it can hugely enhance the natural sensations that come with getting down and dirty, and help reduce friction and irritation too!


It can be used for all of your sexual needs including whilst using condoms. In fact, a good water based lube like this one from Bondara will actually reduce friction with latex condoms making them less likely to split!

Water-based lubes are also a great addition whilst using sex toys. Water-based lubes are perfect for using with all kinds of silicone sex toys and latex condoms as they don’t break anything down thus resulting in a much safer play time!

No Irritation

Water-based lubes are also ideal for people with sensitive skin or vaginal irritation. They are also really easy to clean out of sheets and clothes, and won’t leave a stain.

Water-based lubes do have some downsides though. They are not good for water-play or shower sex, as they will just wash away. Also, water-based lubes tend to get sticky and require frequent re-application. So if you are planning to have marathon sex, might we suggest another type of lubrication?

Water-based lubes are also not the best for any kind of anal play as they don’t tend to last as long.

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